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Muddy Waters
Orange Mud Review by Coach Raina

With temperatures comfortably hitting the triple digits these days, it’s tough to get through a run workout without needing crazy amounts of fluids.  Finding water fountains that are dispensing anything colder than luke-warm are few and far between. The problem, however, becomes how to carry enough water to make it all possible. Well thanks to Orange Mud, it’s now easier to get your hydration needs covered.

I have been running with a hand bottle for quite some time – I can hydrate, it forces me to not clench my hand, and I can even carry a few necessities, such as gels, a key, or even my credit card for a corner store stop. The problem I always have, however, is keeping the bottle cinched on my hand. It always loosens while running, so then all I can do it focus on my bottle and not my run. Orange Mud made it simple – elastic Velcro! With a wider band for comfort, and stretchy material making it possible for any size hand to use, OM’s hand bottle made the overall experience more enjoyable. With its larger, standard water bottle (such as like that on a bike), I had plenty of water for my run that I could easily get ice into. It was slightly heavier, but I’d take the extra few ounces in lieu of the ability to easily fill it with ice any day. It could even accommodate a larger bottle if I needed. Nutrition was tough to get in and out, but with some practice (and patience), a gel or two could be accessible as well.                                                             

So what happens when you need more than a bottle? Carrying bottles on bottles isn’t really possible, or practical. Enter the hydration vest. I wasn’t sure at first, thinking that the weight of the water would really bother me – won’t my back chafe, I’ll get too tired in my upper body, my arms won’t be able to move freely? Not at all! ONE run was all it took for the staff to become fans of the vest systems. The 1 liter option was perfect for me on quick runs, and the 2 liter option was a great choice for longer runs and the guys. The weight of the pack was perfectly situated on the upper back, and as the water sloshed around, the pack didn’t move at all (my favorite feature!). So many well-designed pockets for nutrition, a phone, and soft flasks. You can even hide your nutrition in the pockets over the shoulders! Overall, it was an awesome option.      

Orange Mud’s long line of products makes training a breeze, and they’re non-hydration products are so fun too. (Check out their Transition Towel/Car Seat wrap!) Come by and try out their latest styles today!