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Work with a coach to achieve long-term improvements and success. Playtri coaches utilize an art & science-driven training approach to help you reach your potential.

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Services & Repairs

Our in-house mechanics offer the highest quality repair and maintenance services for your bike (or bikes!).  With plenty of a la carte options and great tune-up and overhaul packages, we'll keep you riding smooth on the road!

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Bike Fit

Playtri has over 20 years of Bike Fit experience. The correct bike fit can make a huge difference in comfort, speed and power.  Whether you just want to enjoy your ride or are trying to maximize your performance, a bike fit is a must for any cyclist.

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Playtri Westminster rents, wheels, wetsuits, and bike/wheel cases.

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Knowledge Hub

At Playtri, we want to help YOU be the best Athlete YOU can be.

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Race Day Checklist